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Having an orgasm can give me a feeling of:
Calm Relief Pleasure
Closeness with my lover Guilt Heightened physical sensation
Fear Anger Confusion
Bliss Comfort Pride
Increased Desire Love Freedom
Ecstasy Exhaustion Depleted energy
Increased energy Religious High Isolation
Self Loathing Power Other

What puts me over the edge to having my orgasm usually is:
Faster rubbing of the genitals Increased touch of the genitals
Being Fisting Vaginally Being Fisted Anally
Thinking about someone other than my lover Looking into my lovers eyes
Breathing deeply Screaming out and moaning
Squeezing your PC muscles Having Oral-anal play
Having anal penetration S & M Play
My Lover having an orgasm Intense G-spot stimulation
Dirty Talking Thinking about my lover
Being in public during sex Watching a sex scene in a movie
Having hand-anal play Standard penis vagina sex
Being choked Being face slapped
Having my hair pulled Other

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